The Itchy & Scratchy Show is an American fictional tv series that was released in the 90s. The show depicts a blue mouse, Itchy, who repeatedly and violently aims to destroy a black cat, Scratchy, typically presented as 15 to 60 second-long cartoon.
In this exclusive release, RTPH decides to give it a twist with the brand name and concept details. On this design you can see Itchy is having RICH THOUGHTS and is ready to step foot in the trap for that bag. On the other hand, Scratchy is living good and waiting for itchy to sign for that bag so he can be stuck in the trap and keep the money! The design is way deeper than just how it looks!
Alot of Details went into this design! 
This is a LIMITED RELEASE! Only 25 Shirts Made! 
RTPH "Itchy & Scratchy" Vintage 90s T-Shirt (LIMITED)

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